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Stout supercomputer makes Top500 list

Sandia secures a top spot on global computing stage

Stout supercomputer at Sandia National Labs makes Top500 list. (Photo by Bret Latter) Click on the thumbnail for a high-resolution image.

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Stout, a new Sandia National Laboratories supercomputer, secured its place on the Top500 computers list that was released Nov. 13. Boasting a performance of 8.9 petaflops, Stout claimed the No. 87 spot on the renowned benchmark list of the world’s fastest computers.

Brewed from the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Advanced Simulation and Computing program, the Stout supercomputer is set to significantly enhance Sandia’s high-performance computing capabilities, according to Steve Monk, Sandia manager and leader of the effort.

“Stout and its twin cluster, Amber, will provide Sandia with performance that is two to five times our current capabilities, directly benefitting our nuclear deterrence and national security missions,” Monk said.

The announcement, coinciding with the opening of the SC23 Conference in Denver, highlighted the collaborative effort under the NNSA’s Commodity Technology Systems program, with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Dell Technologies as key partners.

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