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‘Magical’ mathematics unlocks engineering honor for Sandia scientist

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Tamara Kolda of Sandia National Laboratories has spent a career finding mathematical patterns in data sets ranging from mouse neurons to crime statistics, so when she talks about how ‘magical’ the results seem, even experts in other fields take notice. Kolda was one of 87 members elected to the National Academy of […]

Sandia mathematician named 2015 SIAM fellow

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Sandia National Laboratories mathematician Tamara G. Kolda has been named a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). Kolda is one of 31 members selected for fellow status this year and the third Sandia scientist to earn the honor. Bruce Hendrickson and Pavel Bochev were named fellows in 2012. […]