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Sandia/California SHARE campaign exceeds goal, pledges $266,750 to regional charities

LIVERMORE, Calif. — Exceeding their stated goal by more than $10,000, employees at Sandia National Laboratories/California in Livermore pledged more than $266,750 to local and regional charities this year through the Labs’ annual Sandia Helps and Reaches Everyone (SHARE) campaign.

“I’m proud of the commitment our employees have demonstrated to those in need, especially as the economy continues to strain individuals, families, and the local and national nonprofits that serve them,” said Sandia/California vice president Rick Stulen.

SHARE is designed to help Sandians make a difference in the lives of others by making it easy to contribute to about 150 charitable agencies that serve communities in the greater Bay Area and San Joaquin Valley.

Sandia/California’s SHARE program uses payroll deductions to offer a simple way for employees to provide financial contributions to institutions and charities. Participation in SHARE is completely voluntary. The sign-up period this year was from Sept. 13 through Oct. 21.

The SHARE campaign provides employees with lists and summaries of local organizations, confirms credentials of nonprofits, and makes it easy to contribute to other charities beyond the list. At Sandia’s “SHARE Thursday” events in September and October, representatives from organizations supported by SHARE discussed their causes and gave information to employees.

“I feel very fortunate to have a job that allows me not only to work with such a great team but also to have a real and tangible impact on matters of importance to our country,” said Stulen. “But the nonprofits and charitable organizations are the ones doing the heavy lifting, and those organizations that provide the safety net are really feeling the pinch. That’s why, through SHARE, we really encourage our employees to consider giving to their community, particularly to organizations that have personal meaning to the employee.”

Last year, Sandia/California raised $249,000 through SHARE.

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